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Herb Heaven is a quality retail and wholesale supplier

of aromatic oils nation wide.

Our range of pure essential and fragrant oils has been established in New

Zealand for over twenty years and our philosophy is

"simple living in a fragrant world."

We believe that, by using essential and fragrant oils everyday, you can

enhance your life and surroundings in a simple and pleasurable way.

You can improve your wellbeing, reduce living costs and wastage,

and in the process, help look after the environment.

The pure benefits of essential oils

What are essential oils? An essential oil gives perfume to a rose and the rich aroma to a sprig of Rosemary. It is a liquid present in tiny droplets or sacs in different parts of the plant It also gives the plant its flavour as well as attracting pollinating insects, repelling predators and helping to protect from disease. Essential oils not only benefit plants, but they also benefit us. Essential oils have been prized for centuries because of this.

Through aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, we can enhance our everyday existance in a simple manner with their many different use. These include household cleaning, simple first aid, massage blends and perfumes.

Make-up and extraction

Essential oils are highly fragrant and concentrated plant compounds. They are made up of numerous organic molecules and a large number of substances such as alcohols, esters, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, phenols and acids.

These compounds are extracted from various plants - the roots, leaves, flowers,resin, bark and even fruit peel. They are not the same as vegetable oils which are pressed from seeds, nuts, olive flesh and the bran of grain. Unlike vegetable oils, essential oils are not greasy and are soluable in alcohol.

Steam distillation is the most common form of extraction. During this process, steam is passed through a cooling system to condense the steam. This forms a liquid from which the essential oil and water are then separated.

The process of obtaining the oil differs with the fragrance type produced. Other methods are chemical solvent extraction, CO 2 extraction, expression ( citrus oils), enfleurage and maceration. There is also another relatively new process called phytonics which uses room temperature heat and environmentally friendly solvents to produce oils with excellent aroma.

Important safety guidelines

As a general rule, essential oils are for external use only as they are highly potent and should be treated with care. You should always dilute them in carrier oils when applying directly to the skin, because essential oils can burn or cause a minor irritation. The only ones that can specifically be applied neat on the skin are Lavender and Tea Tree.

Certain essential oils ( such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint) should not be used while taking homeopathic medicines, as these oils may counteract the effects.

Special care should be taken if you suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy, have a hypersensitive skin or are pregnant. With any of thes conditions, certain essential oils should be avoided. Please pay attention to cautionary notes.

Citrus essential oils are mildly photo toxic. They can increase the skin's reaction to sunlight and make it more likely to burn and cause skin discolouration. it is best to avoid using these oils on exposed skin if the weather is sunny.

Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and pets.

Keep oils away from the eyes and do not rub your eyes after handling them.

When using essential oils with children and the elderly, the oils need to be more diluted.


Essential oils are extremely volatile. They should always be stored in dark coloured glass bottles in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight.

Highly flammable, essential oils must be kept away from naked flames.

The Herb Heaven range of pure essential oils

We stock a wide range of Herb Heaven pure essential oils in a larger and more convenient 25 ml bottle size.

Also in our selection of pure essential oils is our 10 ml Aroma Gold range of the highest quality. 

Furthermore, to prove our commitment to the label, we hold certificates of analysis from our overseas suppliers for each oil variety. We avoid those that may come from endangered resources.

Fun with fragrant oils

Fragrant oils differ from pure essential oils in that, although some contain a certain amount of essential oil, they are chiefly synthetic. Essential oils are pure plant extracts that come from one particular plant variety, whereas fragrant oils are synthatic blends of extracts from various sources.

Although fragrant oils may not have the health-enhancing properties of pure essential oils, they may be considered  therapeutic if they alter the way you feel in a pleasurable way. After all, it is not always the substance that produces the scent that matters, but the fragrance itself. 

Fragrant oils are often more stable than essential oils, allowing them to create a longer lasting scent. They are also generally more affordable than essential oils and their chemical replication of any existing scent allows for a tremendous variety to choose from.

These lovely smelling oils are commonly used in scenting pot pourri, candles, incense, sachets, soaps and artifical floral arrangements. They can also be used very simply in room sprays and diffusers to enhance your surroundings with wonderful, long-lasting aromas.

On an environmental note, man has moved into creating synthetic scents as certain raw natural materials over the years have become depleted and consequently more expensive. In this sense, the use of fragrant oils has a rightful place in our modern world.

Important safety guidelines

Fragrant oils are not really suitable for use on the skin unless diluted. Remember,they are chemicals, and accordingly should be handled with care.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

When handling fragrant oils, use gloves if your skin is sensitive.

If you spill or splash fragrant oil on your skin or in your eyes, you should rinse immediately with water.

If handling fragrant oils for a prolonged period of time, make sure you work in a well-ventilated area.

Note that fragrant oils can stain wooden or porous surfaces if spilled.

The Herb Heaven fragrant oil range

In addition to the essential oils range, we also carry a wide range of 25 ml Herb Heaven fragrant oils. They are of high quality and are made in New Zealand.

Due to their manufacturing process, they are also affordable and offer a pleasant, economic alternative to using pure essential oils.





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