Welcome to Herb Heaven For your pure essential and fragrant oils. For your pure essential and fragrant oils.

Welcome to Herb Heaven

Herb Heaven is a quality retail and wholesale aromatic oils supplier. We are proud to say that the Herb Heaven range of pure essential and fragrant oils has been established in New Zealand […]

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When the Black Dog Nips, Pat the Cat – A simple, ‘feel-good’ guide for women experiencing anxiety and the ‘blues’.

If you are feeling down or anxious, this guide is a very useful and enjoyable tool. With references to herbs and essential oils it takes a holistic approach to healing. […]

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“The Essence of Living Simply’- An eco-friendly and cost-conscious guide using essential and fragrant oils by Jane Wilks

A refreshing and informative guide how you can benefit materially, physically and psychologically from using essential and fragrant oils in your everyday life. It includes many simple hints with around one […]

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‘The Not So Ordinary World of Herbs’ by Jane Wilks

This latest eBook by Jane Wilks offers new insights into the intriguing world of herbs. Different herbs are explored, some of which, many may regard as weeds. Accompanied by photos, the […]

101 ways to use oils

‘101 Small Ways to Use Oils – pure essential plus fragrant ‘ by Jane Wilks

If you wish to have a quick, easy and simple guide on hand to using aromatic oils, then this is it! It is a very simple yet comprehensive list on […]

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MISTRESSES OF SCENT – Legendary women, love and scent by Jane Wilks

An eBook about perfume and its association with some remarkable women throughout history- such as Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor and Mae West and the Queen of Sheba. It is a concise […]

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