What is SAD

Many of us know when the days get shorter, the skies are overcast and winter comes upon us – that some days we feel a bit grey somehow and a bit lack lustre. Some people in particular suffer from the winter blues and they are known as SAD sufferers.


In a recent overseas article,” Teodor Postolache – a psychiatrist in Washington DC, is convinced that aromatherapy helps SAD. The sense of smell is very important for animals that hibernate. And because it is believed that once upon a time hibernation was a part of human survival, Postolache suggests that as humans evolved they lost genes resulting in some sense of seasonality and sense of smell, and that people affected by seasonal changes also preserved this heightened sense of smell.


The use of essential oils in treating SAD

Essential oils used as antidepressants, such as Jasmine, Rose, Neroli, Rosemary and Lavender are extracted from plants that flower in spring and summer. It has been suggested these oils could fool SAD sufferers’ metabolisms into leapfrogging hibernation, believing they had already arrived in the scent of spring”.

An interesting and totally plausible theory!


Other natural remedies evidently include flax and fish liver oils and tryptophan supplement .Also a healthy diet and regular exercise are very important