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Fragrant Oils
Fragrant oils differ from essential oils. Although some contain a certain amount of essential oil, they are chiefly made up of synthetic material. Essential oils are plant extracts from one particular variety of plant whereas fragrant oils are synthetic blends from various sources.

Fragrant oils are not plant compounds. Sometimes fragrant oils are marketed in the same way as essential oils,They don't have the properties attributed to essential oils. It is important to note this. However, although not of true aroma therapeutic value, they can be considered therapeutic like many aromas, if they alter how you feel in a pleasurable way. After all, it is not always the substance that produces the scent that matters but the fragrance itself.

Fragrant oils are often more stable and complex than essential oils (essential oils are naturally very volatile), allowing them to create a longer- lasting scent.

These oils are also more affordable, unlike some essential oils which can be very expensive because of the amount of raw material required to make a small amount, availability, and the processing method. For example, about five tonnes of roses are needed to obtain 1 kg of pure essential rose oil. Also the manufacturer does not depend on the production of various plant essences that is, by definition, variable and seasonal. Thus the availability of material is practically guaranteed the whole year round.

Interestingly, the chemical synthesis allows the replication of any existing scent, allowing an enormous variety for the user to choose from.

These are commonly used in scenting potpourri, candles, incense, sachets, soaps and artificial floral arrangements. They can also be used very simply in room sprays and diffusers to enhance your environment with wonderful, long-lasting aromas



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